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Nightmares become reality Pt2 Finale

*Pinned against the wall by several males without weapons or a glimmer of a chance to survive, I knew I was going to die.

One took his mask off and I almost thought I saw a ghost, he was a splitting image of Ahiden, his fucking twin.*

"Hello, cunt! Revenge has finally caught up with you and I will be the one taking your pathetic life"

+I snarled and hawked a thick wad of spit in his face, his goons laughed
and of course I caught a swift right hook to the cheek, swelling it.

The other males began breaking all my security devices and at that point all I could do was hope it triggered V in some way.

As they ripped my home to shreds, the twin and another stretched my limbs, tying them to the tables legs, splayed me out, smirking at me.

They all approached me now, one stuffing a gag in my mouth while another pulled out instruments to torture me with.

The first thing that came was several cuts with a switchblade to my abdomen, chest, and face. I screamed over the gag.

For that, I was punched in the face repeatedly until my eyes swelled completely shut and blood trickled from them both.

I then got continuous whips from something with sharp pointed ends that stuck into my flesh and tore it with each withdraw.

My body was bleeding with severe wounds and in searing pain everywhere from head to toe and, I couldn’t see a thing.

My loud screams quieted over the gag as my will to fight depleted with the blood loss, fading in and out of consciousness.

I heard them chuckling down at me, observing their work before the last of my loud screams came out in a deafening tone.

My own dagger impaled me right in my lung to the hilt, as it happened, one of the males bit me, ripping a hole in my neck.+

"Your going to die tonight you stupid bitch, this is the least of what you deserve for killing your own kind, killing my brother."

+He spit in my face before I heard them leaving the house. I laid on that table, bound, gagged, and dying.

I couldn’t see or barely breathe, I was choking on my own blood as I took shallow breaths through my nose.

I knew I wasn’t going to survive this, I sent a silent prayer to the scribe, hoping she would hear my final wishes.

I prayed for the safety of mine cuz and those I loved most, hoping they would live happy lives and never find me like this.

I breathed in shallow breaths through my nose, feeling my body giving out before I lost consciousness.

I knew I was slowly dying…. Bleeding out slowly.






This is my aspiration

I want to do this!





This is my aspiration

I want to do this!


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